Skin Care Products

SKIN CARE PRODUCTS (higher concentration than OTC, medically supervised)<

PCA- Physicians Choice of Arizona, AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) – skin friendly, and non-irritating product formulated to target and treat skin conditions at a cellular level not just the surface (higher concentration than OTC, medicaly supervised) (product carried in our office for approx, 10 years)

Skin Ceuticals



NIA24- (niacin based) works for pigmentation (no hydroquinone), rosacea, and is non-irritating.

Glvtone- (glycolic) with sunblock helps re-texturizing skin and dry skin.

Elta- Sunscreen Line ranging from SPF30 to SPF 50

Revision- Nectifirm (firms and softens neck wrinkles); Teamine (treats dark circles under eyes) and Tinted Sunscreen SPF45

Retin A- aggressive skin creams which help exfoliate skin and give smoother texture.

ZO Medical

If you are interested in learning if you are a candidate for a skin care products, contact Dr. Weeks for a consultation. Call us at 915-845-3223 or contact us online today!