Facial Fat Transfer

Facial Fat Transfer In El Paso

Undergoing a facial fat transfer procedure has never been easier, as the procedure is most often done on an out-patient basis. Depending on the extent of the procedure, receiving facial fat injections may be done in the office with local anesthesia or at a surgical center. The facial fat transfer procedure is minimally-invasive, and rejuvenates the face to restore a youthful look. In this process, fat is lipo-suctioned from a donor site, such as the thighs or the abdomen, and the facial fat injection is inserted into a new site, addressing sagging and deflation in the face.

A facial fat transfer may last several years or longer, depending on the area treated. In some patients, facial fat injections can be used to correct or improve facial deformities and/or post-traumatic defects in multiple areas.

Facial Fat Injections: Fast Recovery Times

Our facial fat injections are performed on an out-patient basis, ensuring for a faster recovery time. After the procedure, a facial fat transfer may cause swelling at the liposuction treatment site that may last up to thirty-six hours hours.* Additionally, facial fat injection may cause some bruising that can usually be covered by make-up.

Facial fat injections are taken from the patient, and because a facial fat transfer utilizes a patient’s own fat cells, there is no chance of a possible allergic reaction to the procedure. A facial fat injection typically lasts longer in area where there is less muscle movement, e.g. below the eyes and sunken cheeks. It is estimated that almost half of facial fat injections remain for up to three years.* Afterward, touch-up treatments may be required.

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